Laptop vs. Desktop – What should you buy?

So you’re looking to buy a new computer, but unsure which to buy?

Laptop vs. Desktop computer

Once upon a time, the laptop was only good for those that travelled for work, but those days are long gone! Computers are a big part of our lives at this point. It seems that most people take their laptops on vacation. Whether that’s to keep in touch with work or store vacation photos, we seem to need to stay connected.

With a laptop, you can take the computer to your kitchen, deck, bedroom and basement! No more sitting at the computer desk. You don’t even need to have a computer desk anymore. But what about desktops? Are they obsolete?

Absolutely not. Laptops are moving further and further away from being easy to upgrade. This is where Desktop computers really shine. Almost every part or component of a desktop computer is simple to replace or upgrade. This means that if taken care of, a desktop computer can last a LOT longer than most laptops ever will.

The upgradability of desktops makes them ideal for gamers who are always wanting to upgrade to the latest graphics card, processor and RAM. With a desktop, these upgrades are easy for most people to do themselves. Laptops are not so easy. RAM is usually a simple upgrade, but the rest is a lot more challenging on a Laptop. And with the Laptop/Tablet 2-in-1 devices on the market today, even a RAM upgrade is more challenging.

A third choice is an all in one. These are a strange middle ground between laptops and desktops. In a way, they have the worst characteristics of each. They are stationary like a desktop but lack the easy upgrading that desktops are known for. However, they usually look great and can work in offices and other locations where other options just don’t work.

If you have the room for it and want something that can last 5+ years (with proper maintenance and possibly upgrades) a Desktop Computer is a great choice. For portability, a laptop is the way to go.

I also suggest looking into a wireless network if you don’t have one. Often, a Telus modem will come with a Wireless router built into it. I’m not sure if Shaw has started including them or not, but the last time I used them, they didn’t offer it. I have found that using a Linksys or D-Link wireless router will often outperform a built in router.

For more information on buying a computer and wireless set up, contact me at or call for a consultation. 403-915-8574


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