Managed Services for Residential and Small Business Clients in Lethbridge, AB and surrounding Area


Y-Not Tech Services offers the following Services to our clients in Lethbridge and the surrounding Area as well as to more remote clients who trust us with their Technology needs. Why not let Tony deal with the small details so you can just get things done?



NOTE: Prices subject to change. Minimum One Month’s notice will be given in the case of price Increase. Annual billing is locked in for the full term and subject to new pricing at time of renewal.

YNOT Monitor: A small app will be installed on your PC and be in your task bar. You can use it to contact Y-Not Tech Services directly and even send a screenshot of your computer to show me the problem you’re having. The same Application will send basic alerts about the health of your computer if it detects a problem.

In Depth Monitor: Similar to the Basic PC Health Monitor, but it can detect a wider range of problems. It checks that Windows Update is running properly to ensure you have patches to the latest security vulnerabilities, detects Hard Drive failures and when your Hard Drive is running out of storage space and more.

Application Updater: Will alert me if you are running out of date software that may have security vulnerabilities. I can then update them remotely.

Antivirus Health Check: Checks if you have an active and updated Antivirus program protecting your PC. The app will alert me if you don’t so I can help keep you protected online.

Antivirus/Antimalware Software Included: Industry respected and award winning Emisoft is installed on your PC to keep you safe online. The licensing fees, renewal and scheduling are all handled by me, so you can just enjoy your PC. I’m alerted if your PC isn’t being scanned, if your Virus or Malware definitions are out of date or if Emisoft detects an infection of any kind.

Malware Removals: Y-Not Tech Services will remove any malware you become infected with at no extra cost to you.

Discount on Tech Services: Clients with Silver, Gold or Platinum service subscriptions receive discounts on all Tech Services from Y-Not. Discounts will not be applied to Hardware, Software or other Managed Services.

Two Hours Service Included: The Platinum Package includes 2 hours of labour from Y-Not Tech Services. Unused hours are rolled into the next month with a maximum of 20 hours banked up. Banked hours are forfeited if subscription lapses or is cancelled.

Managed Off-Site Backup: Using a small, lightweight application, your data will be backed up to an offsite location so you can rest easy knowing you’re data is safe. Y-Not Tech Services will monitor remotely to ensure your data is being backed up regularly. Standard charges apply to restore data in case of local data loss.

The Platinum Package is by far the best deal, but it is not for everyone. It gives a steep discount on 2 hours of labour from Y-Not each month, so if you need work done monthly it’s a no braining. I’m also limiting the Platinum Package to a maximum of 10¬†active subscriptions to ensure I have time to fulfil¬†each client’s needs.

For most clients, the Gold Package is perfect. Contact me to talk about your needs and to find the best option for you.