System > Display), plus, there's a Blue Shade option if you have a Fire tablet. All these change screen displays to warmer colours, which reduces eyestrain and helps you sleep better. You might also be interested in Sleep Bug. This white noise app provides 300 different soft sounds to build a background to help you zonk out. Those who want to read more or learn something new could benefit from limiting social media. Apple has Screen Time and Android has Digital Wellbeing. Both track your app usage, plus, you can set apps to lock if you use them for too long. You can also use Windows 10 to limit app and game time on computers, tablets, Xbox, and Android devices. Under the Family tab of your Microsoft account page, you'll find an Activity tab. You can turn on app monitoring, limit app and game usage, and set restrictions for the amount of time and time of day apps can be used. Good Luck with Your Resolutions We'd argue that all this can help with that other resolution, the one where you're going to be more patient and kind. If you're feeling healthier, sleeping better, and spending less time in a social media trance, you can be more mindful. And hey! While you're at it, make that a resolution, too. If you need help finding the right technology to support your resolutions, we can help! " /> Tech Help for New Year’s Resolutions | Y-Not Tech Services – Lethbridge, AB Computer Help